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Pets In Need Midwest
Post Office Box 58
Ringwood, IL 60072



We are currently in the process of working on our NEW WEBSITE!  Construction is almost complete and ready to launch. We are excited to announce it will be more user friendly and easier to use. 




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Celebrating Pets In Need's 20 years of operation, saving one life at a time, we encourage you to adopt and not buy from a pet store. Visit our animals for adoption every Saturday from 11:30-3:00 at the McHenry Petco!

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About us...

Pets In Need is a nonprofit no-kill animal shelter. We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c-3) charitable organization, which allows donations to be tax deductible. Incorporated in October of 1991, our mission continues to be "To Champion the Humane Treatment of Domesticated Animals." We seek to aid people in the community by raising awareness on the importance of spaying or neutering of pets, educating the public on animal safety for children, facilitating the adoption of pets by senior citizens, and by expressing responsibility and humane treatment of animals.

Recent economic conditions have dramatically increased the number of calls we receive each day asking for help in finding a new home for a family’s pet. Many of these requests come from people that have lost their home and cannot keep their pet due to their current living arrangements. We have heard one tragic story after another as people struggle to recover from the loss of a home or a job, or in fighting serious medical issues. Unfortunately these people have no other option but to give away their pet and ideally to a no-kill shelter.

The number of pets being relinquished is staggering, with many shelters forced to turn people away. This can result in the pet finding itself on the doorstep of a “kill” shelter. These facilities are also being overwhelmed and forced to shorten the time a pet has to be adopted before it is euthanized. We receive emails from contacts at these shelters asking for help before perfectly wonderful pets are terminated. Currently we are seeing more and more young dogs, even  puppies and kittens that cannot be placed. Their future is quite bleak.

At the same time, adoptions of homeless pets has declined. With people tightening their belts and trying to reduce expenses, adding another pet to the family is not likely to happen. What can you do? A monetary donation will go a long way in helping us continue our work or perhaps you have room for one more pet in your family? Perhaps you can volunteer some time or even act as a foster parent. And we ask that you please consider what would happen to your pet if something happened to you. Do you have a plan that would ensure your pet doesn’t end up on our doorstep?