Our Animals Housing

Our Mission is to "Champion the humane treatment of domesticated animals through the following means":

  • Application and administration of the principle that no animals will ever be euthanized to make room for another.

  • Providing temporary shelter and veterinary care as necessary for those unwanted or lost pets until such time as their guardian(s) or suitable adoptive homes can be located.

  • Reuniting lost pets with their guardian(s).

  • Locating suitable adoptive homes for unwanted dogs and cats.

  • Promoting public awareness of and accessibility to spay/neuter programs for pets.

  • Act as an ambassador for our adoptees in their new homes so that we may continue to work with and support the animals, their guardian(s) and the public.

Pets In Need Midwest was founded in 1991 by Pat and Rudy Klimo in Ringwood, Illinois.  We are a state licensed No Kill, Nonprofit Animal Shelter.  We do not receive any government funds.  We rely solely on adoption fees, private donations, and fundraising activities.

Pets In Need Midwest is a nonprofit no kill animal shelter

We would love to have an adoption center for you to visit, but at this time we do not.  Our animals are housed at a private location with acreage for the dogs to play or in foster homes depending on their needs.  We work hard to ensure that our animals have proper care and socialization.