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  Here are some recent adoption pictures. Isn't it wonderful to see these pets leaving with their new happy families?



Jack Daniels with his new family the Steinbergs! Adopted March 24, 2012 after almost two months of being in the shelter. Good luck Jack!


Ed and Stephanie Dulian had room in their hearts for TWO Pets In Need puppies. They are sure going to have their hands full with the energy Jonas and Gracie will bring to their home!



The Ryan family adopted Baby on March 24th, 2012. Don't they make a beautiful family?


Ray, now renamed Whiskey, was super excited to leave PetCo with John and Tracey Madden. Hope you like boats, Whiskey!


Little Loretta was adopted May 5th, 2012 by the Wasik family. She came back to PetCo a couple weeks later to visit and her family just adores her!