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Donate Your Unused Property - Your Land Can Save Lives
Do you have a piece of property that you can’t use? Are you paying taxes on land you don’t need? Pets In Need Midwest is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization and your land donation offers maximum tax advantages. When you make an outright land donation you may qualify for a charitable gift deduction based on the full market value of your land as determined by a qualified appraiser. You reduce your income taxes and no longer pay property taxes on the donated land. Also, any estate taxes on this land is eliminated.

Consider making a land donation not only for the tax advantages but to create a legacy that will change lives for generations to come. Your land donation will provide a haven for homeless pets, create a resource for community residents and will be a gift that continues to give for future generations. ALL shelter animals were relocated to kennels and foster homes as of July 1, 2007.

An additional Van or Large Vehicle to help transport the animals
If you or anyone you know has a Van or other Large Transport Vehicle and you are no longer in need of it, please consider donating it to Pets in Need. We are taking in new cats and dogs daily, transporting animals to get spayed and neutered, to meet and greets, plus adoption events at Petco and other locations. With so many animals and trying to reach multiple locations, our organization could use an additional vehicle.

Who needs presents, when you have a heart!
Two girls from two different cities, both with the same idea - in place of birthday presents, they asked their friends for Pets In Need wishlist supplies to donate to the local animal shelter. Together they brought in over 100 much needed items, from paper towels, to cat littler, toys, bones, treats, blankets, and more. THANK YOU!

Two local boy scout and girl scout troops also help support their local no-kill animal shelter. It is with the generosity and thoughtfulness of our children, that we continue to operate. Thank you for your selflessness.


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